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Use your Bars to..

  •   Underline website features
  •   Promote multiple websites
  •   Display notifications
  •   Build a List
  •   Drive Web Traffic
  •   Show site announcements
  •   Increase Visitor Engagement
  •   Promote Specials or Offers
  •   Create Competitions or Giveaways
  •   Do anything you can think of, really :o)

About YourProfitBar

Did you know that adding a notification bar to your website can help turn more visitors into customers?

A notification bar will allow you to dramatically improve the results of your website promotions and engage with your visitors without having to resort to hard selling.

The YourProfitBar Notification bars are very flexible, and you can use them in various ways to bring conversion benefits to your websites. They can be placed at the top (or the bottom) of ANY Page of your choice.

With over 15 options, the BAR can be customized to look and function however you want and can be used in an unlimited number of scenarios.

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Some of our Features

Bars are Easy to implement and use

Your first BAR is FREE. BARs are simple to setup and use. Your own personalized Bar can be created in 2 minutes and it will always be editable. Once created, it will be ready for usage.

Features Rich Ad Platform

Promote your Businesses to proven Opportunity Seekers through Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Featured Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads and Faucet Ads. Track views, clicks and visits on your Advertising. Promo Codes available.

Profitable Commission Plan

We offer to our upgraded members 80% Commissions on Direct Referral Purchases - on EVERY Purchase . 50% instantly applied, 50% set as Monthly Residual Commission.

Monthly Recurring Advertising

Upgraded members benefit from monthly recurring Advertising that will be added to their account automatically, always on time.

Solo Ads Cross-Posting

When you send out a Solo Ad it will ready for reading, in addition to ALL the YourProfitBar members, also to our sister site YourProfitAds members too!

Mail Box Protection

Unlike many sites, here YOU decide to receive or not emails to your Mail-Box. Turn "OFF" receiving Solo Ads, Admin News or Sponsor email at your wish!

FREE Referral Mailer

You can use our Referral Mailer to contact your referrals every 5 days, if they accept to receive their sponsor email.


Earn some small cash from within the member area by visiting our members advertised website links!

Connect your business
with more customers today!

Frequently Asked Questions

YourProfitBar is a special Notification BAR creation website and a complete advertising platform.

Our Bars are highly customizable with rotating text or banner. You can set up to 15 different customizations to each bar and each bar can rotate up to 5 sites.

It's a new idea to show BARs in a different, appealing fashion.

Our Notification bars are very flexible, and you can use them in various ways to bring conversion benefits to your websites.

Additionally if you are keen to promote you can earn up to 80% in commission from your direct referrals purchases.

Yes, sure!
Free members earn 20% on each referral purchase.

We only accept Cryptocurrencies to make purchase on the site.

Nowadays it is easy to purchase cryptocurrency with a credit card, even if you live in the US.You only need a crypto-wallet and you can receive crypto through different processors such as BITPAY, NEXO or many other.

YourProfitBar Accepted cryptos are BTC, LTC, ADA, TRX, BNB and BVT.

You can withdraw with ADA, LTC, TRX, BTC or BNB.

No, there are no advertising refunds for any reason.

We pay on request. We tend to pay within 72 working hours however, as we manage many sites we pay in batches so we pay out with the "as soon as possible" formula. We have no reason to keep the money in our accounts and we pay only 1 payout request per person at a time!

No, You can only have one YourProfitBar account. One account per IP and per person. If you want to register your relatives with your same IP you should contact us first. Please note that in such case they will NOT be registered as your referrals.

Please follow the link at the bottom to contact us.